Amalie DOT 4 Bremsevæske

Pris: 63,00 NOK

Amalie Limited slip axle concentrate

Pris: 229,00 NOK
Amalie Limited Slip Axle Concentrate is a high-performance, highly concentrated gear oil supplement and friction modifier additive package that may be used to help treat limited-slip axles that have chatter problems.

Red Line Water Wetter Cooling System Treatment

Pris: 225,00 NOK
Red Line Water Wetter cooling system treatment provides corrosion and rust protection for modern aluminum and cast iron cooling systems. This unique additive reduces coolant temperatures by as much as 20 degrees F. It can be used in plain water to provide much better heat transfer properties and protection than glycol-based antifreeze, or added to new or used antifreeze to fortify inhibitors and reduce foaming.

Torco Accelerator

Pris: 278,00 NOK