Amalie 2T totakt syntetisk

110,00 NOK

Amalie Synplus Synthetic Blend 2T Motorcycle Oil is a synthetic blend lubricant formulated for high performance air-cooled 2-cycle motorcycles and smaller four-cycle engines. It is truly a hightemperature oxidation resistant oil which protects against corrosion, ensures cleanliness, and provides lubricity for long engine life. This is a low ash formulation that prevents carbon deposit buildup on engine parts, and protects against ring sticking. This oil is formulated with high-temperature performance chemistry and special smoke reducing components to give you the ultimate in engine protection and environmental performance. These oils may be used in other air-cooled applications, such as snowmobiles, lawn mowers, string trimmers, air-blowers, snow blowers, all-terrain vehicles and many others requiring API service category TC, ISO-L-EGC, EGD and JASO FC, FD.

Levering: 5-7 arbeidsdager